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Dani Crino


Home remodeling don'ts

Whether you are working alone or with the help of a general contractor, getting a peek into the contractor’s mind might give you a new perspective about remodeling projects. What you do is just as important as what you do not do. Sometimes, your instinct can affect your home renovation project negatively. How do you know whether you are hurting or helping the project? Here are some remodeling don’ts: Do not delay decisions If you want your remodeling project to go well, you should make your decisions before the work starts. A good contractor will be able to talk you through the number of situations that could come up during the project. Decisions about things like faucets, trims, and paint can cause a delay. As small as these things seem, when your contemporary kitchen faucets are two weeks late, the plumbers will have to reschedule the remodeling. Do not purchase your own materials Although this seems like the most cost effective option, you should not buy your own materials. A builder might get a better ...